Welcome to Bethencourt Studio CRYSTAL CHANDELIERS in Toronto

Welcome to Bethencourt Studio CRYSTAL CHANDELIERS in TorontoWelcome to Bethencourt Studio CRYSTAL CHANDELIERS in TorontoWelcome to Bethencourt Studio CRYSTAL CHANDELIERS in Toronto

About Us

Bethencourt Studio

Bethencourt Studio is a licensed and full insured independent corporation bringing you the old & new on chandeliers and lighting ideas. We specialize in installations, sales, cleaning and crafting custom fixtures, moving fixtures, repairs, rewiring and more at very reasonable prices. We dress hundreds of crystal chandeliers, and work with notable merchandising brands like Swarovski, Schonbek, Starfire, Bethel International, Banvil 2000, and many more.
Our company has been in the market successfully since 2008 bringing luxury and confort to all our clients in South Ontario, Canada, as well as a very important  clients in  USA. 

We have the solutions for a bright home, workplace, churches,  Synagogues , temples. mosques, convention hall, hotels and condominium buildings and more. Offering great services referred to by popular lighting merchandisers, working hand by hand with Architects, Builders, Interior Designers,  Realtors. 

Bethencourt Studio delivers a delicate and precise service to your fixture. Bethencourt Studio focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction.

Crystal fountain 37' High, Weigh 1,100 lbs.

Products and Services

We offer the design of custom fixtures

Sales of  new and used chandeliers from the most important manufacturers in North America and Europe .

Led Lighting& Components

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Medallions


What Bethencourt Studio does

We are the best in town with an excellent reputation. Bethencourt Studio does offer installations, repairs, cleaning, upgrades, sales of new and used chandeliers for examples Mansions, Cottages, Mosques, Churches, Hotels and Condominium's lobbies as well as a Malls Galleries.

With our professional team we can guaranty you that discretion is one of our priorities.



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